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adam.schwartz at rcn.com adam.schwartz at rcn.com
Mon Jan 5 14:54:39 EST 2004

I understand the point JY was making.. and it infact could be 
the case. If you modify, you do risk it. But its not cut and 
dry. You could be OK, or you could have problems.. I Hope I 
dont have to find out!


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>Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 11:02:14 -0800
>From: "California Fields" <cfields72 at hotmail.com>  
>Subject: Re: [Biturbos4] Extended Warranty Buy (Read The 
Fine Print)  
>To: biturbos4 at audifans.com
>They won't discover any modified ECU if you replace it with 
the stock one 
>when taking it back for service :)  And scratch marks on the 
>screws/retaining box isn't enough for them to void the 
warranty either.
>Ah, the game playing that we must do (sigh).
>>From: j y <jimnetpa at yahoo.com>
>>To: Adam Schwartz <adam.schwartz at rcn.com>, 
biturbos4 at audifans.com
>>Subject: Re: [Biturbos4] Extended Warranty Buy (Read The 
Fine Print)
>>Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 00:15:59 -0800 (PST)
>>Well Adam...I have to respectfully disagree with your point 
>>and the S4 ECU.
>>As Keman pointed out in a previous post, some (I think 
MOST) warranty 
>>companies will require/request a "tear down" (diagnosis) of 
your S4 when 
>>the turbos blow.
>>Replacing K03s is not an INEXPENISVE proposition ($5400 -
USD or better). 
>>Any warranty (insurance) company "worth it's salt" will 
absolutely (IMO) 
>>require a diagnosis before authorizing such $$$$ on a 
repair. Especially, 
>>when u ONLY paid $2k for the warranty/policy in the first 
>>These companies are NOT in business to LOSE money. So, they 
will send an 
>>inspector out to review all relevant parts of the engine 
that are suspected 
>>of blowing the turbos. Any inspector "worth their salt" 
would also INCLUDE 
>>the ECU to see if it was faulty (since it controls boost 
levels). Thus, 
>>your aftermkt chip would be discovered. Then..I suspect the 
>>warranty/insurance company would deny your claim and the 
round robin (btw 
>>you & them) would begin.
>>I also own a 30' boat. Recently, I submitted a major damage 
claim ($17k - 
>>USD)  to my insurance (warranty) company. They would NOT 
authorize ANY 
>>repairs, until THEIR inspector reviewed the damage, and 
sent them a report.
>>I bet if folks read the FINE print on their aftermkt 
warranties, they will 
>>find similar language, especially with LARGE $$$ claims 
>>These warranty (insurance) companies aren't in the FIX and 
REPAIR business, 
>>they are in the PREMIUM COLLECTING, and INVESTING business. 
Yes, small 
>>claims like DVs and TBBs will get paid relatively hassle 
free, but wait 
>>until your turbos blow. See what happens - I guarantee that 
they will play 
>>My additional $.02 on the subject.
>>Adam Schwartz <adam.schwartz at rcn.com> wrote:
>>Sorry, but I have to disagree. Now, it certainly does 
depend on the
>>warranty. My warranty says that if I modify the car, the 
>>part is no longer under warranty. say for example if I 
modify my
>>stereo... As the factory stereo IS covered on my warranty. 
So in
>>theory if I modify the ECU, then the ECU is no longer under 
>>No matter how you interpret the meaning of the wording, it 
>>seems irrelevant in some sense.
>>My S4 is modified. I have an APR chip. I also have the
>>warrantybynet.com warranty. I bring my car to MY mechanic. 
>>mechanic then gets paid from the warranty service. The 
>>service knows nothing of my chip. I guess if a job was very
>>expensive, they may send an inspector - but I dont think 
they would
>>find out about the chip.
>>Another thing...
>>When my TBB went, I replaced it with a Kevlar wrapped 
one... The
>>warranty paid for it
>>When my DV went, I replaced them both with Bosch Sport 110 
>>rather than the standard Bosch 108. The warranty paid for 
it. I am
>>sure if I had decided to replace them with Forge, they 
wouldn't cover
>>the WHOLE cost as those parts are a lot more expensive... 
but my shop
>>would let me pay the difference. It has been very versatile 
so far.
>>I havent 'made my money back' but I am half way there and I 
have a
>>few years to go.
>> >now, would the extended warranty allow us to chip and
>> >add other mods to the car? Ahhh...the short answer is 
>> >warranty company will cover mods like chips that STRESS 
the engine.
>> >If you want to mod your S4..make sure that your VISA/MC 
has a BIG
>> >credit line...K03 turbos cost $5400 (parts/labor) to 
replace. K04s
>> >(the best way to go) cost even more. My credit cards are 
capable of
>> >handling major repairs to my 00 Imola S4 after I finish 
modding. I
>> >wouldn't WASTE my time trying to get an aftermkt warranty 
company to
>> >cover repairs on a MODDED S4. Good Luck,
>> >
>> >
>> >ken kgrant wrote:
>> >hi tom, i may be interested as well. i've got 37k
>> >miles on my s4. i was thinking of selling my car
>> >soon, but then again, i may keep it.
>> >
>> >now, would the extended warranty allow us to chip and
>> >add other mods to the car?
>> >
>> >thx
>> >ken
>> >
>> >
>> >--- TStifler wrote:
>> >>
>> >> I too plan to buy an extended warranty for my '02
>> >> S4. I shopped a lot when I first purchased the car
>> >> but then realized I didn't need to do it until close
>> >> to 50K mi. I've been reading the threads here and
>> >> since I'm on 44K mi. I need to buy one in the next 3
>> >> months or so. If anyone is about to buy - drop me
>> >> a line and let me know which co. and perhaps two
>> >> (or more of us) can both get a better deal. They
>> >> certainly kept lowering the price every week or so
>> >> when I last was quoted, so there should be some
>> >> value in a few of us coming together. I liked the
>> >> advise of paying with the credit card for some
>> >> protection if a Co. folds. Anyway, good luck
>> >> shopping - I am going to resurrect all the old
>> >> quotes I got 2 yrs ago and see which seemed
>> >> attractive then, and get a re-quote. Let me know if
>> >> interested.
>> >> Happy New Year
>> >> Tom Stifler 443 463-5668
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