[Biturbos4] Rear-ended S4 (sorry if this double posted)

Power, Sean Austin (UMKC-Student) sap187 at umkc.edu
Mon Jan 5 20:34:39 EST 2004

Today I made the dreaded drive that no Audi owner (or any other car owner) cherishes . . . to the body shop.  This drive was the result of a chain reaction rear-ending whereby the 2002 Tahoe behind me (complete with brush guard) was smashed from behind and subsequently launched into the rear of my 2001 S4 (that I have owned for two weeks), which in turn pushed me into the car in front me.  The rear bumper has been punched in, taillights smashed, trunk dented and front bumper pushed in and cracked.


Does anyone out there know of any particular problem areas I should watch out for when inspecting the car after the fix?  I am taking it to a body shop the local dealer (Jay Wolfe Audi) recommended. 


Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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