[Biturbos4] trap speed w/ chip

Brad R mrtwr at early.com
Mon Jan 5 21:42:38 EST 2004

Mike, 15.9 sounds really, really slow.  Are you at high elevation or
something?  If not, something is not right.

Motor Trend hit the 14.1 (December 1999).  Car & Driver "only" hit 14.2
(September 1999).  You can see those results on my fun website:
http://home.early.com/~mrtwr/cardata.html  (Sorry, but it hasn't been
updated in a long, long time.  But there is still a lot of good info there.)

Thanks for the comments.  I guess I was just trying to get a feel for just
how fast a chipped S4 would be compared to my old 93 RX-7.  Sounds like it
would pull about the same (103 mph or so).  I don't think that would be fast
enough for me.  I think I'd be bettter off and happier with getting a sports
car as a second car and leave the S4 stock.  Time to start saving and to
figure out what I want to get...


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> Interesting. I thought I'd be blown out by guys with a foot heavier than
> mine! Car and Driver supposedly pulled a 14.1 in a stocker, but they can
> "give it back" after they trash the drivetrain.
> DL
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> Wow, that's quick.  My wagon pulls 15.9 stock, and 15.6 chipped.  It's
> an automatic though
> Mike
> David Lau wrote:
> > Stock, I pulled a 14.4 wih a good launch.
> >
> > With the APR chip, 93 octane program, lousy launch (mediocre reaction,
> > massive clutch slippage), the Red Wagon pulled a 13.9. The announcer
> > came on the PA and said "that guy just pulled a 13.9 in the grocery
> > getter". ;-)
> >
> > Next run I got a good launch (dumped the clutch faster) good reaction
> > time, then the throttle cut out. Forgot to turn off the @#$%^&* ESP.
> >
> > David
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