[Biturbos4] Rear-ended S4 (sorry if this double posted)

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You may want to do this after the paint has completed cured, wait at least a week after you get your car back.

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Make sure the rear trunk has no leaks in it after it's repaired. Take it to 
a high pressure car wash and see if any water gets in.

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>Check for proper body panel alignment and be very critical of the color 
>(and texture) matching of the paint under various light sources.  A good 
>job should match the rest of your car regardless of the light source.  I've 
>seen paint jobs that match in sunlight and are two COMPLETELY different 
>colors under the mercury lights in a parking lot at night.
>I'd also be very critical of the car with respect to water leakage into the 
>trunk area and the way the doors seal, etc.  Also, don't forget to 
>critically listen for rattles, squeaks and creaks that were not there 
>before the accident.
>Good Luck...
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>Subject: [Biturbos4] Rear-ended S4 (sorry if this double posted)
>Today I made the dreaded drive that no Audi owner (or any other car owner) 
>cherishes . . . to the body shop.  This drive was the result of a chain 
>reaction rear-ending whereby the 2002 Tahoe behind me (complete with brush 
>guard) was smashed from behind and subsequently launched into the rear of 
>my 2001 S4 (that I have owned for two weeks), which in turn pushed me into 
>the car in front me.  The rear bumper has been punched in, taillights 
>smashed, trunk dented and front bumper pushed in and cracked.
>Does anyone out there know of any particular problem areas I should watch 
>out for when inspecting the car after the fix?  I am taking it to a body 
>shop the local dealer (Jay Wolfe Audi) recommended.
>Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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