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Stephenson step88 at kc.rr.com
Wed Jan 7 17:43:25 EST 2004

Warrantybynet had been sending me e-mails every month or so trying to get me
to sign up for an extended warranty, but they now tell me that they have a
new policy that they will only issue extended warranties on cars with less
than 30,000 miles and with at least 60 days left on the factory warranty.  I
guess they're getting more selective now.

Bob Stephenson
2000 S4 (36,000 miles and out of warranty)

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I too plan to buy an extended warranty for my '02 S4.  I shopped a lot when
I first purchased the car but then realized I didn't need to do it until
close to 50K mi.  I've been reading the threads here  and since I'm on 44K
mi. I need to buy one in the next 3 months or so.  If anyone is about to buy
-  drop me a line and let me know which co. and perhaps two  (or more of us)
can both get a better deal. They certainly kept lowering the price every
week or so when I last was quoted, so there should be some value in a few of
us coming together.   I liked the advise of paying with the credit card for
some protection if a Co. folds.  Anyway, good luck shopping - I am going to
resurrect all the old quotes I got 2 yrs ago and see which seemed attractive
then, and get a re-quote.  Let me know if interested. 
Happy New Year
Tom Stifler 443 463-5668
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