[Biturbos4] Extended Warranty Buy

Al Adler adlere at sourcecodecorp.com
Wed Jan 7 23:11:59 EST 2004

Thanks for the reply,
    Its a 2000 S4 tip at 53k. I'm somewhat torn between doing it myself 
and having someone else do it, although since the dealers in my area 
give a new meaning to horrible I  will probably stay away from them for 
all but warranty work(MAF). As for the oil leak it seams to be coming 
from near the front passenger side - after rereading the initial email 
you said the tensioner on the passenger side is in the rear so maybe its 
just the valve cover gasket. According to my VAG-COM I'm also getting an 
intermittent resistance too high code(I don't have the exact code here 
at the moment) from my B1S1(IIRC) sensor as well - is that covered by 
the extended emissions warranty? At any rate whatever times you can up 
with would be helpful - generally if I do it myself I consider myself 
lucky if it only takes twice as long the first time but its also good 
for keeping the shops in line.

Keman wrote:

>The dealership I work for in Michigan charges $84/hr.
>I can give you exact book times for said work and the rate I'd put together
>if you brought it all in at once if you list the exact model/year of your
>car and specifically what work is to be done, ie: both tensioners or just
>- Keman
>>>Ok, as someone who has a couple of those problems, what hourly rate
>>>do you base your labor cost on? Here in N Va the labor costs tend to
>>>be through the roof  - around a $100/hour. Can you give books times
>>>for the auto trans,  O2 sensors, and cam chain tensioner?

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