[Biturbos4] CD Player Troubles

David Bray brayd at rogers.com
Thu Jan 8 08:05:15 EST 2004

I wonder if I could get some info/advice from the group.

On Dec 24th near the end of a 90 minute trip, the CD playing in my S4
hesitated at the last song where it would normally "wrap" around to the
first song.  This exact CDR (& others I've made) has played countless times
in my S4 without problems.  After about 10 seconds of trying to seek on its
own (it seemed), the display showed "CD ERR1".  I proceeded to try to
track-seek forwards or backwards to no avail - same message.  I then tried 2
other CDs (one commercial, and one I had burned) and both had the same
result once inserted into the player and wouldn't play at all.

Due to the holidays, I didn't use the car for several days.  When I did use
the car, all my CDs played OK again.  I haven't noticed a problem since.

I'm thinking that if it was just a dirty (or wonky) CD (though visually it
looked perfect), changing CDs should have cured it immediately.  It was damp
out, but not particularly cold - nothing unusual as far as I could tell.

My questions to the group are:
1.  What could/would cause this?
2.  Would the error code(s) be saved?
3.  If so, for how long?

I just don't want to take it into the dealer only to have them tell me "No
Fault Found", which clearly, would be a waste of my time and theirs.

2001 S4, 6 spd

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