[Biturbos4] CD Player Troubles

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Jan 8 14:20:06 EST 2004

David Bray writes:
> 1.  The CDRs I made are in standard CD-Audio (WAV) format so this is NOT a
> case of trying to access a non-existent MP3 decoder in the S4's Bose stereo.

Just a minor (if irrelevant) correction...  What's on normal audio CDs
are not WAV files.  It's raw headerless PCM, and contiguous from
beginning to end.  There is a TOC section in the beginning that describes
the starting locations of each track, and other info.  "WAV" connotes
Microsoft RIFF headers, which do not exist on an audio CD.

I know, picky, picky. :)

> 2.  This CDR, AND many others I've made, have played fault-free in my car.
> In fact, on the day in question, it had been playing for over 70 minutes
> flawlessly.  I am aware of the lower reflectivity of CDRs vs. pressed CDs,
> but if it played, clearly it wasn't too low to be compatible.  (BTW, CDRWs
> won't play because they have even lower reflectivity.)  However, if the
> electronics in my unit have drifted "out of spec" due to age, possibly
> exacerbated by temperature and/or dampness, that is plausible.

Try playing some non-CDR (i.e., factory pressed) discs.  If they work fine,
then your hypothesis is probably correct.  Otherwise, your changer has
probably gone south.

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