[Biturbos4] Extended Warranty Buy

Al Adler adlere at sourcecodecorp.com
Thu Jan 8 15:14:43 EST 2004

    Unfortunately I'm not in the time frame since it was a 3 year 
warrenty. I'm not 100% sure of the date since I got the car used back in 
August but the delivery stamp in the service book was sometime in April 
of 2000. Thanks for the tip, though. The really annoying thing is that a 
lot of the problems the car has I'm fairly certain were present at the 
last dealer visit before the warranty expired - the shot control arms 
and tie rods, the oil leak, flakey MAF, etc, but not fixed because the 
previous owner didn't know to enough to complain about them. I talked to 
a service rep at the dealer he used to find out about the service 
history and the guy said "we only fix the things the customer complains 
about - we're too busy to do all the work needed anyway". My experience 
with that dealer would pretty much agree with that since I used them a 
few times for the A4 I had previous to the S4. The only thing they do 
without asking is recalls, which they then use as an excuse for keeping 
your car a couple more days past when the loaner rental is due back. 
When I factor in the grief and time of the dealer visits around here, 
even for warranty items, I often prefer to do the work myself. Since 
this S4 needs a lot of work its keeping me quite busy.
    A side question - when I was doing my DV's and TBB I noticed some ( 
not much)oil in the driver side turbo passages, while the passenger side 
was fairly dry. No whining yet, but I should I be budgeting for new 
turbos or is that oil from crankcase venting?


Keman wrote:

>Before I go any further.. when did you take delivery of your S4? Has the
>warranty expired due to mileage or time?
>I ask because there is something known as a "goodwill repair" .. any any
>service manager has authorization to extend this to anything up to 6000
>miles beyond the warranty mileage, without any problem at all from AoA. I
>checked on this recently even to make sure.
>If you're still within the timeframe of your warranty, merely just 3k miles
>beyond it .... get to the dealership ASAP and demand everything be repaired
>via goodwill. Not 50%, not just the labor, or maybe just the parts.
>Everything 100%. If that dealership won't, call one that will. A tech can
>make good money on the repairs you've listed and things are slow this time
>of the year ... noone in their right mind would turn that stuff down.
>- Keman
>Al Adler wrote:
>>>Thanks for the reply,
>>>    Its a 2000 S4 tip at 53k. I'm somewhat torn between doing it
>>>myself and having someone else do it, although since the dealers in
>>>my area give a new meaning to horrible I  will probably stay away
>>>from them for all but warranty work(MAF). As for the oil leak it
>>>seams to be coming from near the front passenger side - after
>>>rereading the initial email you said the tensioner on the passenger
>>>side is in the rear so maybe its just the valve cover gasket.
>>>According to my VAG-COM I'm also getting an intermittent resistance
>>>too high code(I don't have the exact code here at the moment) from
>>>my B1S1(IIRC) sensor as well - is that covered by the extended
>>>emissions warranty? At any rate whatever times you can up with would
>>>be helpful - generally if I do it myself I consider myself lucky if
>>>it only takes twice as long the first time but its also good for
>>>keeping the shops in line.
>>>Keman wrote:
>>>>The dealership I work for in Michigan charges $84/hr.
>>>>I can give you exact book times for said work and the rate I'd put
>>>>together if you brought it all in at once if you list the exact
>>>>model/year of your car and specifically what work is to be done,
>>>>ie: both tensioners or just one?
>>>>- Keman
>>>>>>Ok, as someone who has a couple of those problems, what hourly
>>>>>>rate do you base your labor cost on? Here in N Va the labor costs
>>>>>>tend to be through the roof  - around a $100/hour. Can you give
>>>>>>books times for the auto trans,  O2 sensors, and cam chain

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