[Biturbos4] CD Player Troubles

Russell Romano Russell_Romano at pmc-sierra.com
Thu Jan 8 17:28:47 EST 2004

Even if there was a code, they would refuse to do anything until there was a hard persistent failure :)

Electronic circuits are not foolproof (trust me I design them).  It is possible that a state machine in the auto-gain circuit of the laser reader got confused trying to compensate for the CDR and locked up something.  Then you tried other discs and nothing worked (which they wouldn't if the circuit was locked up).  Once you power cycled everything reset and then it all worked fine again.

Keep an eye on it, but if it is not repetitive I wouldn't get too excited about it.  Especially if it happened while dealing with a CDR.  If you have a part that is going bad, it will do it again :)

Also... when you go into the dealer and say "CDR" they will have an out.  The CD player in the car is just that.. a CD player.  I'm not certain about this, but I'd venture a guess that they don't make the claim that it will play CDRs.  If they don't say it will, and it plays CDs they may not fix it even if there was a hard problem that arose from playing CDRs.

Just me being cynical maybe... but I've been screwed by technicalities in the past!


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Thanks Ti.  Too bad ... I was hoping there'd be a quick fix.

I don't have VAG-COM.  Does anyone know how long the CD error codes will
persist?  That is, will they clear themselves after so many engine starts or
stereo starts or ...?  Will the dealer be able to tell there *was* a problem
or will they have an excuse to do nothing until there's a hard, persistent


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> David Bray writes:
> > But seriously, any idea about whether a cleaning would work?
> The laser diode and lens should never need cleaning.  Doing so is likely
> going to jeopardize its alignment.

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