[Biturbos4] CD Player Troubles

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Jan 8 17:48:22 EST 2004

David Bray writes:
> Thanks Ti.  Too bad ... I was hoping there'd be a quick fix.
> I don't have VAG-COM.  Does anyone know how long the CD error codes will
> persist?  That is, will they clear themselves after so many engine starts or
> stereo starts or ...?  Will the dealer be able to tell there *was* a problem
> or will they have an excuse to do nothing until there's a hard, persistent
> failure?

If you want to, you can try unplugging the changer from the harness
in the trunk, wait a few minutes, then plug it in again.  That should
reset the changer completely.  It may or may not fix any problems.

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