[Biturbos4] Center driver information display readout problem

Power, Sean Austin (UMKC-Student) sap187 at umkc.edu
Fri Jan 9 13:41:08 EST 2004

I own a 2001 S4 with 35,000 miles (second owner). 

The driver information readout (displaying radio station and temperature) works fine in that is displays what it should, but two lines on the LED? panel have gone dark. The interesting thing is they actually do work intermittently - but about 80% of the time they do not. 

I am curious if anyone else has encountered this problem. My real contemplation is whether I want to bring the car in (it is under warranty) and have them replace the readout - it seems as though it might be more trouble than it is worth (possibly exposing the car to rattles and creaks by disturbing the factory secured dash and instrumentation) due to the inevitable process of replacing the unit, which is of course, buried deep in the dashboard. On the other side of that coin is the possibility that the problem worsens after warranty expiration. 

Any thoughts??

S. Power

Kansas City 

2001 S4

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