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yeah...i figrured as much...i used the term "NEW" loosely..as in it was NEW to my car (having never been in it before..lol)...i noticed when the dealer installed the radio that it was slightly "off color" (sun fade ???) from the OEM unit that came with my car. 
So, I figured it was reconditioned. Anyway, i lucked up..it works better than my previous unit (CD ERR1 msgs, broken station selection button, infamous "losing previously selected station" syndrome).
I have an early Y2K S4 (11/99 build date) and have experienced just about all the problems logged on this forum and AudiWorld.

Erv Schweiger <Erv_Schweiger at CoCreate.com> wrote:
Don't go get all excited about your Audi dealers ordering you a new head
unit. According to my dealer, there are no "new" units any more, they're
out of production - so what you get is someone else's problem child
reconditioned head unit. It took three tries to get a replacement unit that
was better than my original malfunctioning unit(changing tracks on CDs at
random, changing stations on the radio at random, etc.). The two,
supposedly "reconditioned" to new condition, units in between had even worse

Erv Schweiger
Chicago, IL
2001 S4

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I don't think they will or can fix this, they'll just order you a new head


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