[Biturbos4] Extended Warranty Buy

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Sun Jan 11 11:21:34 EST 2004

That would be the dealership I work for.... and I must have missed your red
wagon when you brought it in, I pay special attention to every S4 I see. :)

I'm glad you learned a lot from Nate. I'm afraid he moved to another part of
the country, and they brought me in to fill his spot. Quite the shoes to
fill it seems.

As for the cold start fuel maps... lets just say I'm working on
declassifying it. Stay tuned.

- Keman

David Lau wrote:
> Curious where in Michigan? I'm from Ann Arbor, and take the Red Wagon
> (at 37kmi) to Howard Cooper.  At my last visit I prevailed on the SA
> to let me talk to the tech directly, Nathan Talboys, I believe.
> Learned more from him about cold-start fuel mapping, shift linkage
> adjustment, chipping, etc in 20 minutes than all other sources put
> together!
> Have you cracked the cold-fuel code yet? At 9º yesterday morning, a
> 4-minute warm-up sure helped.
> David

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