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Keman keman at interwolf.net
Sun Jan 11 11:39:52 EST 2004

>> enough to complain about them. I talked to a service rep at the
>> dealer he used to find out about the service history and the guy
>> said "we only fix the things the customer complains about - we're
>> too busy to do all the work needed anyway". My experience with that

This is a real sore spot of mine. According to Audi, if a tech receives a
car that's brought in for a headlight repair.. and files a warranty claim
for a valve cover gasket leak, he has broken the rules and the claim will be
denied- the dealership will not get paid for the work. This is called
"warranty solicitation". It's Audi's attempt at controlling warranty costs
and making it such that their techs "don't get rich off their warranty." ...
my opinion is that if they don't want their techs getting rich off their
warranty, build the fscking cars right.

Luckily, the first 50k of maintanence is free and during this period I use
the fact that I am supposed to inspect the entire car for any possible
problem during maintanance and _every_ problem I find, is fixed. If we or
the customer doesn't have the time to fix it, I reschedule some or all of
the repairs to be done at a later time. If the problem is hazardous, I put
the customer in a rental. My goal is to hand the car back as it rolled off
the assembly line. No leaks. No quirks. No problems.

Amazingly enough... this is the mentality at my dealership, and compared to
other dealers in the state our warranty repair costs are one of the lowest.
Go figure.

>>     myself. Since this S4 needs a lot of work its keeping me quite
>> busy. A side question - when I was doing my DV's and TBB I noticed
>> some (
>> not much)oil in the driver side turbo passages, while the passenger
>> side was fairly dry. No whining yet, but I should I be budgeting for
>> new turbos or is that oil from crankcase venting?

It's pretty common... mine does this as well and has since the first time I
replaced a DV at like 18k miles. (I noticed it then). I'm fairly certain
it's a very small amount of oil leaking past the turbo. My car does not burn
any oil so what you see is what you're losing.. a few drops in a fine mist.
I seem to see this on the drivers side frequently. While there is a
crankcase vent on the drivers side of the intake plenum (that big Y thing on
top), that's the fresh air draw IN to the crankcase ... not the other way
around. There is a second crankcase vent that's attached to the lower intake
which actually draws crankcase gasses in.

I honestly wouldn't worry about it. When I had my downpipes off I checked
the play on the turbos at like 76k miles and there was none, they felt like
new. Between that and the lack of oil loss, I'd say the turbos are holding
up very well. I run synthetic, change oil every 3500-4500 miles, and always
let the oil temps lift off the peg before getting into boost. I also let
things cool down before shutting the engine off.

- Keman

>> TIA,
>> Al

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