[Biturbos4] RE: CD Player Troubles

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Sun Jan 11 22:57:10 EST 2004

If you're out of warranty or in a jam.. pulling the fuse on the radio and
putting it back in 2 minutes later will usually reset a major malfunction,
ie: doesn't come on, or no audio, etc. It will crap out again at a future
point in time, but... until then.

Did you know the core charge on a dead symphony head unit is $950? I was

My radio makes me think I see things. Whenever I'm not looking at it, it
blinks the display off and on. It always waits until it's barely within the
corner of my vision.. and then it blinks. If I look right at it, it never
does this. Very tricky, it is.

- Keman

: Yikes!  Thanks for the "heads up".
: Cheers,
: David
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: > Don't go get all excited about your Audi dealers ordering you a new head
: > unit.  According to my dealer, there are no "new" units any more,
: > out of production - so what you get is someone else's problem child
: > reconditioned head unit.  It took three tries to get a
: > replacement unit that
: > was better than my original malfunctioning unit(changing tracks on CDs
: > random, changing stations on the radio at random, etc.).  The two,
: > supposedly "reconditioned" to new condition, units in between had
: > even worse
: > problems...
: >
: > Erv Schweiger
: > Chicago, IL
: > 2001 S4

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