[Biturbos4] S4 Alternative

Adam Schwartz adam.schwartz at rcn.com
Mon Jan 12 00:46:07 EST 2004

Its an interesting thought, which I think about every so often.

Other cars of interest... I would like to go look at a Passat W8. Is 
that available in the US with manual shift yet?

Also the G35 w/ all wheel drive. I think that is NOT available w/ 
manual shift.... I  hope I am wrong about that.

The other thought for me, which over all would cost more than $30k - 
would be to get a cheaper daily driver, and then get a nicer 911. I 
currently have a 1984 930. Great fun - but I have thought next time 
around I might look into a slightly used Subaru of some sort. And 
then get a 993 Porsche for fun.

Dunno, its a thought....


>My car is about to hit the 40K mark, and I've been giving thought to
>_*perhaps*_ getting rid of it while its still in warranty.  While thinking
>about what I'd get as an alternative, I thought I'd ask folks on this list
>what they would get if they were replacing their S4.
>If you couldn't get the new S4 (or didn't want to), and were to cap your
>spending limit at $30K, what would you buy (new or used)?  Factors to
>	* Luxury
>	* Enjoyment of driving
>	* Warranty
>	* Reliability
>Looking for some creative input, and something to jolt the mind.
>'01 Silver S4
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