[Biturbos4] RE: CD Player Troubles

David Bray brayd at rogers.com
Mon Jan 12 08:01:49 EST 2004

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> If you're out of warranty or in a jam.. pulling the fuse on the radio and
> putting it back in 2 minutes later will usually reset a major malfunction,
> ie: doesn't come on, or no audio, etc. It will crap out again at a future
> point in time, but... until then.

I'm still in warranty until Nov 2004, but thanks - that's good info to know.

> Did you know the core charge on a dead symphony head unit is $950? I was
> shocked.

That settles it ... at those prices, AoA *is* in the car radio business.

> My radio makes me think I see things. Whenever I'm not looking at it, it
> blinks the display off and on. It always waits until it's barely
> within the
> corner of my vision.. and then it blinks. If I look right at it, it never
> does this. Very tricky, it is.
> - Keman

I've noticed this too.  I've decided that it's caused by light reflections
off the faceplate from the passenger side - particularly at dusk or at


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