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Robin Gibson robingibson at cowanlinn.co.uk
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My advice is - don't sell it.  My S4 Avant is at 43k and having looked
around there I cannot find any other estate that has 4wd, seats 5, is bright
yellow and hits 60mph in 5 seconds (thanks to abt).  I keep mine for when I
can enjoy it, and bought a used Renault Scenic dti (yeah, really) for
carrying kids and getting groceries.  It makes more sense to me than paying
out £25k for a new performance car, and after weekdays driving the Renault,
the S4 feels even better.

Maybe not the sort of jolt you were thinking of?

1999 s4 abt

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> My car is about to hit the 40K mark, and I've been giving thought to
> _*perhaps*_ getting rid of it while its still in warranty.  While thinking
> about what I'd get as an alternative, I thought I'd ask folks on this list
> what they would get if they were replacing their S4.
> If you couldn't get the new S4 (or didn't want to), and were to cap your
> spending limit at $30K, what would you buy (new or used)?  Factors to
> consider:
> * Luxury
> * Enjoyment of driving
> * Warranty
> * Reliability
> Looking for some creative input, and something to jolt the mind.
> Zeb
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> '01 Silver S4
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