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John M. Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Tue Jan 13 16:50:44 EST 2004

What about a used Porsche 911 turbo?  I drooled over one of these at the
dealer last time the S4 was in for an oil change.  Probably more than
many of us want to spend - I think they wanted 80k for it - a late 90's
model.  For that kind of dough I'd probably go for an RS6.  I understand
they have even more power per pound than a 911 turbo.  The S and RS
Audis are very hard to beat.

And as per Keman's wonderful story - they go in the snow.  Keman, you
should write this up for a magazine and sell it.  You have writing
talent m'man.  And thanks for the lowdown from a dealer technician's
point of view - definitely a valuable service to all of us.

John M. Harrison  2001 S4 Avant
Laramie, WY

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Wait for the 05 Legacy STI version. Est 32k
Erv Schweiger <Erv_Schweiger at CoCreate.com> wrote:
Zeb -

I've been thinking on the same thing - but since I paid ~$40k for the
S4, it
seemed only right to replace it with something in the same price range.
Although it probably won't meet your conditions of luxury and
I've settled on a 2005 Lotus Elise. I've already put a deposit down, and
the car should show up sometime late this summer - close to the time my
lease ends.

Yeah, it won't have 4WD, and the killer stereo, but I think driving
enjoyment is going to go way up - especially for those few track
that I do (not that the S4's been any slouch). I'll have to buy a beater
for the winter - but hey, we all have to make some trade offs in life...

Erv Schweiger
Chicago, IL
2001 S4


>My car is about to hit the 40K mark, and I've been giving thought to
>_*perhaps*_ getting rid of it while its still in warranty. While
>about what I'd get as an alternative, I thought I'd ask folks on this
>what they would get if they were replacing their S4.
>If you couldn't get the new S4 (or didn't want to), and were to cap
>spending limit at $30K, what would you buy (new or used)? Factors to
> * Luxury
> * Enjoyment of driving
> * Warranty
> * Reliability
>Looking for some creative input, and something to jolt the mind.
>'01 Silver S4
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