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robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 12:33:03 EST 2004

hey russell,

sorry to hear about your problems.

wow, my fiance's 1997 A4 2.8L have been great. 121,000
miles and going.

i have heard issues with the A6.   i know the mafs are
crappy on both vws and audis. which is why i plan to
find an aftermarket one. if there isn't one, you
should call granatelli motorsports. they make the pro
flow mafs. they mold them out of plastic. i have an
80mm one on my SHO. they are great.

who knows, maybe they would be interested in making a
maf for TT audis.

as far as the clicking, i bet the dealership replaced
the cv joints in an attempt to fix it, right? i know
jack shit about cars (can't fix anything), BUT if your
car ONLY made the click when turning the wheel, then
they are complete MORONS. a clicking cv joint will
ONLY click when the car is moving. turning the wheel
has NOTHING to do with it.

the clicking is most likely a cracked strut bearing
(the SHO's are plastic). does the click go away when
the weather is warm and dry? only gets loud when it's
raining and cold?

as far as the dash creak. my car rattles all over the
place, so i envy you ;-) honestly, is this common in
A6? if so, what about getting some full length
subframe connectors fabbed up? the car will not creak
after than as the chassis flex will be greatly
minimized. call the sho shop. their parent company
EVOsport is a german car tuner (you didn't think they
make their living off of SHOs did you?)

ask for vadim. he's part owners in the operation. they
make full length SFCs for SHOs. i have them. $100. get
a muffler shop to weld them on. helps a lot.

ask others opinions on this matter before proceeding.
i know nothing about audis.

see ya,

--- Russell Romano <Russell_Romano at pmc-sierra.com>
> >that's why i like the A6 2.7T. everything i have
> now,
> >but with far better fit/finish and heated seats!
> all i
> >need now is an espresso machine.
> Do you want mine?  I'm on the verge of throwing in
> the towel and buying a beater shitbox.  At least
> they are SUPPOSED to rattle and squeak.
> I bought my 2000 A6 2.7T with 24k miles on it 3
> months ago.  I put a 6 year (up to 100k mile
> warranty) on it.  No worries right?  WRONG. 
> Everything that can go wrong with the car and
> circumvent the "bumper to bumper" warranty is!
> Before the warranty kicked in the dealership had to
> replace: The MAF Sensor, a CV boot, a breather tube,
> and a radiator fan.  That was just the first 3 weeks
> of ownership!
> Now, the steering wheel started to click and make
> scraping noises as it turns.  They are guessing that
> it is the airbag contact ring.  AND even though it
> also carries the signals for the steering wheel
> mounted radio controls it is STILL deemed to be an
> "airbag" component and therefore NOT covered.  That
> is BS since the airbag system isn't throwing any
> codes.
> I have a BAD creak in my dashboard on the drivers
> side.  I can't make the slightest turn without the
> body stress making the dashboard creak load enough
> to make everyone in the car go, "what was THAT?".  A
> downright embarrassment in a $50k car.
> Between these issues and the issues I had on my '96
> A4 before it (control arms, climate control, wheel
> bearings, control arms again, headlight switch,
> etc), this will be my LAST Audi unfortunately.
> All this stuff is pushing into the $1500 repair bill
> range, and NOTHING of any significance has even gone
> wrong!  These cars are just NOT built the way they
> need to be for the price.  Maybe I need to give that
> new AWD Inifiniti a closer look....
> I joked about the fit and finish of the Vette...
> that is the primary reason I bought an Audi.  My
> requirement for fit and finish is very high.  There
> are few cars on the market that have the interior
> (or exterior) fit to satisfy my tastes.. and then
> the one that does is only on the surface.  Makes me
> sick that there is no quality option to spend my $$
> on.  I thought I found that in Audi, but I was
> clearly mistaken.
> -Russ
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