[Biturbos4] S4 Alternative

California Fields cfields72 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 14 13:52:33 EST 2004

Adding to the list of frustrated Audi S4 owners is me with the follwing 
problems in 1.5 years:

-leaky headlight washer system (replaced lines and/or pump).
-torn throttle body boots (monitored and replaced on my own).
-faulty diverter valves (replaced with 710Ns on my own).
-play in driver seat (motor or rails replaced).
-flickering radio display (too lazy to fix).
-missing pixels in the dashboard computer display (too lazy to fix).
-warped brake rotors at 28k miles (resurfaced).
-squeaky steering wheel (steering tube replaced).
-**rough engine idle with occasional check engine light....cylinder 5 
misfire DTC....been in the shop 3 times for several days/weeks at a 
time....still misfiring.

The last one is the annoying one. I've had the car in the shop for over 4 
weeks total (3 separate occasions) on just that problem. Dealer can't fix 
it. This, even after replacing nearly everything possible (fuel injectors, 
spark plugs, MAF, cylinder head, decarbonization, etc.). Not sure what to do 
at this point. Getting fed up. I've located at least 3 other Audi S4 owners 
that have had the same problem (fortunately for them, the cylinder head 
replacement worked).

The S4 is a super fun car to drive when it's running well. It's hard to find 
such beautiful body and interior design coupled with versatility and power. 
But it's such a pain in the arse car when it's not running properly....and 
for me (and I'm guessing several others) that's often. For $42k original 
retail price, the above problems (in my opinion) are inexcusable. The sad 
thing is, the first 7 items in the list are common among many S4 owners. I 
begin to wonder if people brainwash themselves into thinking "it's OK" to 
have such problems because they focus on the mad power of the biturbo 

If only Audi would build a RELIABLE car and back it up with good customer 
service, they'd be unbeatable.


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