[Biturbos4] Just got my car back from the 40K service

Brent Putzel BPutzel at ariba.com
Wed Jan 14 15:00:23 EST 2004

Mostly I just lurk around here but I have a question for the group.....


I complained to the dealership that my seat would move forward under hard
braking and then when I accelerate it would move back into place.  They
checked and everything is solid underneath the seat - they further stated
that this is to be expected with the power seats.  The seat moves
approximately 1 inch forward and backward so it isn't the end of the world
but it is very annoying and started doing this only recently.   Would this
be considered normal behavior for these seats or are they feeding me a line?
Just wondering if I should push the issue as this is my first complaint that
they haven't addressed to my complete satisfaction.  


Brent Putzel

2001 S4 - 40007 miles.  

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