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My approach, in the 2.7T A6 is to start the car and essentially begin driving right away.  I BABY it very gingerly for the first 1 to 2 miles.  For me there are no highways or other points where I HAVE to accelerate hard in that span.  I'm careful to not get the turbos spun up to far and I generally hold the RPMs under 2500ish.

I do this until my water temp is fully up to normal operating conditions (needle vertical).  It takes forever for my oil temp gauge to show much in cold weather so I don't pay much attention to it for warm-up.

I follow this EXACT same protocol regardless of the temperature.... it just comes up to temp much more quickly when it is warm out!

I also park in a garage both at home and at work... so I never really have a 10 degree F cold start.  In those cases I tend to let it warm up for 30 seconds or so just so that it runs smoothly, then I pull away.

On cooldown I just drive the last mile or two before my destination very casually.  As with the warm-up, no hard acceleration or revving above 2500.  When I get to where I'm going I just shut it off.

This may be overkill (or it may be insufficient).  This is the first turbo I've ever owned so I'm a little paranoid of cooking the turbos.  It also doesn't help that I have a 6 mile commute, so I do a lot of driving where it JUST gets warmed up before being shut off.


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with the cold weather upon us (or atl least for some
folks), how would one handle the starting and drivng
of the s4?

this is what i do, and i'd like to get some feedback:

start the car, let it run for about 4-5 minutes and
then start driving but trying my best to keep the revs
under 1800 so that the turbos won't kick in cold.  

however this is very difficult to do as you merge into
traffic and to keep witht he flow (even at 35mph) the
rpms tends to go above 1800.  this would be even more
diffcult if you had to get on a highway immediatley
and hit 65mph.

is there a solution?


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