[Biturbos4] Cold Start

kwk at eaest.com kwk at eaest.com
Fri Jan 16 11:54:18 EST 2004

      I also start up, wait for the engine to stabilize off it's cold start
routine  ( RPMs drop from ~1300 to ~900 ), then drive off right away.  I
drive about 25 mph for the first mile ( a rural road so no problem ).  By
then, the water temp is off the bottom and the heater fan is spooling up.
I accelerate to ~45 mph and drive easily till the oil temp rises off the
bottom.  I never push it hard till the oil temp is at operating range (
this is the single most important thing to practice ).
      At the other end, I drive the last mile at a reduced speed to cool
down.  On stopping, I let the engiine idle for about 1 minute before I shut
it off.

I believe this is prudent care and not overkill.

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