[Biturbos4] Re: Switching from dino to synth - lifter prob?

auditodd at comcast.net auditodd at comcast.net
Fri Jan 16 12:48:05 EST 2004

I used to have lifter noise at startup on my V6. I switched to running half synthetic and went to 5W30 and now have no lifter noise at startup, even in really cold weather.

Todd Young
Brett wrote:
> I've been running my 200q20v on synthetic for, oh, probably 5-6 years 
> now?  Only recently have I noticed lifter noise(and it comes+goes at 
> random).  The noise probably has to do more with 185,000-ish miles, 
> and less with the oil itself.  In general lifters seem to last about 
> this long before they start tapping occasionally; I think the 5000 
> started tapping earlier(and it certainly was much worse), but was run 
> on dino oil for most of its life until I got my hands on it.
> Brett

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