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Quincy Chiang quincy.chiang at globalte.com
Mon Jan 19 18:30:55 EST 2004

Hi all,

So it's not just my S4 that seems to warm up very slowly.  My ex-1.8t definitely warms up faster, eventhough I drive them the same way when they're cold, below 2000 rpm and no boost until water temp needle points straight up, then below 2500 rpm and low boost if needed until oil temp goes to first tick mark.  My friends think I'm anal and crazy, at least you guys understand!! ;-)


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It sounds like you're doing a fine job for the turbos. After 4-5 minutes
running they're hot enough to take the skin off your fingers and the oil
going into them is instantly warmed up even if it's starting out cold.

If you gotta merge onto the highway pretty fast, you could change that 4-5
minute idle into 2200 rpm. Just a light touch on the pedal while you're
warming it up. This will make your temp peg actually start moving in that
time. Our cars take forever to warm up at just idle. Big iron block, lots of
coolant. I've been going down the highway many times and looked at the
engine temp and seen it still sitting at cold.

My highway onramp is a block from where I live. Luckily I garage my S4 in
Michigan so it's around 45 degrees instead of.. 6 right now. I start it up,
let it run for a few seconds, then gently back it out and pull it out onto
the road. It's a 55mph speed limit and yeah.. it takes me about 15 seconds
to get up to that speed because I watch my boost gauge and don't let any
develop. People fly by me and pass, that's ok. It's two lanes.

I actually won't get into the boost until the oil temp gauge needle starts
moving. That takes about 15 minutes of driving ... and I always make it an
"event" .. as though to say "Ok, turbo boost has been enabled..." and around
then I find some unsuspecting motorist to roar on by. ;)

You don't have to do the same, there is no concrete evidence that this
increases the lifespan of anything. It feels right though, and makes my car
have character. :)

- Keman

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> with the cold weather upon us (or atl least for some
> folks), how would one handle the starting and drivng
> of the s4?
> this is what i do, and i'd like to get some feedback:
> start the car, let it run for about 4-5 minutes and
> then start driving but trying my best to keep the revs
> under 1800 so that the turbos won't kick in cold.
> however this is very difficult to do as you merge into
> traffic and to keep witht he flow (even at 35mph) the
> rpms tends to go above 1800.  this would be even more
> diffcult if you had to get on a highway immediatley
> and hit 65mph.
> is there a solution?
> thx
> ken
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