[Biturbos4] Airbag Light (been discussed before - follow)

Witte, Michael J (HPFS) michael.witte at hp.com
Tue Jan 20 09:35:49 EST 2004

I know, this has been discussed before, see bottom of this email (by Russel Romano). So at my 30K service, out of warranty, its a MY2000, 30K service is $184 in labor and some other $42 orso in parts.
Dealership wanted $92 diagnostic fee, which I declined, stating I ran my VAG, and thought I knew what errors were. MAF replaced (7 yr, 70K warrantee) and "spiral spring" replaced in steering wheel, part number 1 1JO-959-654-M ring, part was $278,82, and $184 (again sigh) in labor, does this sound reasonable??
Second question, airbag light came on again last night, and yes, will visit dealership, any other recommendations/comments (Keman ?!?)
Of Russell Romano

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> 99 times out of 100 the problem is in the electrical

> contact ring inside the steering wheel. It is

> basically what allows the steering wheel to spin

> while maintaining the electrical connections to the

> airbag.


> The one in my '96 A4 went bad at 90k miles. The one

> in my 2000 A6 is starting to go bad at 28k miles.


> In most cases the airbag system won't tell you much

> in terms of codes. Try to take notice if you hear

> any scraping or clicking noises as you spin your

> steering wheel lock to lock. If so then the fix is

> relatively cheap...


> -Russ


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