[Biturbos4] Re: Re: Switching from dino to synth - lifter prob?

John Koenig johnkoenig at greennet.net
Tue Jan 20 15:34:31 EST 2004

That's "tappets" actually, which is a term I also associate with pushrod
engines.  How do you feel about "cam followers?"  Might be too British!

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From: David <duandcc_forums at cox.net>
Subject: [Biturbos4] Re: Re: Switching from dino to synth - lifter prob?

> Well me throw my $.02 in here. First, the term "lifters" is wrong. Lifters
refers to a pushrod engine. What you have are tappits, but we all know what
you are talking about. Anyway, I have found that the tappits on my CGT are
generally louder when I use fully synthetic oil in my 87.5 CGT M(mobile 1,
nice and thick - 15w50 IIRC). Even with fully warmed up they tap lightly up
to 2,000 RPM and tap like mad for the first mintue or two. Before filling
with synthetic they would only tap for the first 5 seconds on a cold start.
After the winter I may switch back, for now I'm living with it for the  cold
start lubrication benefits and to help clean out 15 years of junk...
> Dave
> 87.5 CGT
> SE Virginia

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