[Biturbos4] cracked oil pan on A4 2.8L

Russell Romano Russell_Romano at pmc-sierra.com
Tue Jan 20 17:38:54 EST 2004

BTDT on my '96 A4 2.8.

The oil pan is a cast aluminum pan (not stamped steel) and is therefore very prone to cracks around the drain plug if the plug is over-torqued.

Valvoline cracked my oil pan when I had them change my oil once.  They were terrific about covering the repair at a shop of my choosing when I brought it to their attention.  IIRC the repair cost was about $350.

Make sure that whoever changes your oil uses a torque wrench when they put the drain plug back in in the future!


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hi all,

quick question,

my fiance has a 97 A4 2.8L qauttro. her mechanic said
the oil pan is cracked. needs a new one. $140 for the
pan 3 hours for the labor. so, about $375-400 all said
and done. i've been quoted 3 hours to change the leaky
pan gasket on my sho. so, it's in the ballpark.

question is, do these things crack often? i've seen
maybe a couple drops from her car now and then.
nothing huge. i'm sure the guy's on the level, just
sort of a wacky thing to happen. big rock?

see ya,

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