[Biturbos4] cracked oil pan on A4 2.8L

Robin Gibson robingibson at cowanlinn.co.uk
Wed Jan 21 03:58:13 EST 2004

Hi Robby

I had a 1995 BMW 540i 6 speed for 4 years before the S4.  Engine never
missed a beat in 70k miles.  The only problem  I had in that time was with
the power steering, which was completely replaced at 30k under warranty (BWM
UK extended warranty, well worth £300pa - why can't Audi have the same
confidence in  their products?).  Otherwise the car felt like it would last
forever.  Low revs in 6th means relaxed long-distance cruising, but box
needs dropped to 3rd or 4th for punchy overtaking.  Driveability benefited
from cheap Superchips upgrade to 300bhp.  I thought I would never sell the
car - right up to the point when I stepped into the S4.

Definitely worth a close look.  Give me a shout if you want to know any more
about it


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> hi all,
> quick question,
> my fiance has a 97 A4 2.8L qauttro. her mechanic said
> the oil pan is cracked. needs a new one. $140 for the
> pan 3 hours for the labor. so, about $375-400 all said
> and done. i've been quoted 3 hours to change the leaky
> pan gasket on my sho. so, it's in the ballpark.
> question is, do these things crack often? i've seen
> maybe a couple drops from her car now and then.
> nothing huge. i'm sure the guy's on the level, just
> sort of a wacky thing to happen. big rock?
> see ya,
> Robby
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