[Biturbos4] Tried everything but bought out my S4 lease

Marc Abernethy mabernathy at lotteryusa.com
Fri Jan 23 09:27:01 EST 2004

After driving every car I could think of (M3, M5, MB AMG, WRX STi, new S4,
RS6) I decided to buy out my lease.  I am a little disappointed with Audi.
They offered an incentive program for early lease buyout except S models.
With two new S4 sitting on the showroom floor in just my dealership, you
think they would want me to buy another.  The guy at Audi said they don't
offer any deals because they want people to turn them back in because they
make money.  What?  I cannot believe they are making money on selling end of
lease S4s.  Although I love the car its resale value sucks.  


All that aside.  I do love the car.  So I decided to keep it.  


Another question.  Does Mercedes really sell car with sales people who are
that pompous?  My wife was watching from across the room and laughing
because the guy was such an ass.    BMW on the other hand went out of there
way to get me back (I am a previous multi BMW owner).  They were going to
let me have the M3 for the weekend.  The SMG is awesome but only two doors
kind of sucks for me.


I hope everyone is keeping warm and having a great new year.




'01 S4



Muck Fercedes.  Not that I am bitter or anything.


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