[Biturbos4] sound upgrades

John M. Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Fri Jan 23 10:45:49 EST 2004

Yea, that's my impression too.  I'm going to use a standard hard drive
in an enclosure 200 gb + in capacity (<$200) plugged into my Compaq Ipaq
as the player and into the aux input cable run through the CD changer
adapter cable from BlitzSafe.  I'll have to play with the Ipaq to see if
it will work with the USB 2.0 hard drive setup.  It will mean a lot of
cables and connectors, but once I get it working I may be able to come
up with a clean way of mounting all but the Ipaq handheld in the CD
changer compartment.  The Ipaq also works with my DeLorme Earthmate GPS
and mapping/routing software.

If I get tired of that solution and want something neater might consider
upgrading the Symphony to a fancy Alpine head unit that plays everything
- DVD, burned MP3 cds and has the little LCD screen that pops out.  It
also functions as a GPS/nav system display.  Their top of the line head
unit is about $1200 - a lot, but much more of a long term improvement in

Has anyone out there tried installing one of these Alpines in an S4?
The Crotchfield site still indicates that they don't know what will fit
in the dash.  I found some place that indicated the Symphony is a 1 1/2
DIN size head unit.  The Alpine is a 1 DIN sized unit, so there would be
some filler required.  Is there something particularly non-standard
about the way the Symphony head unit mounts in the dash?  Any reason
such a head unit upgrade wouldn't work with the factory Bose speakers
and sub?

What are you hitting to bend rims?  I've scrapped one getting too close
to the curb, but just cosmetic damage - no bending.

Cheers and happy S4 driving.

John M. Harrison  Laramie, Wyoming
2001 S4 Avant 6 spd loaded

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One more e-mail.


Has anyone tried the new Phat Noise - Phat Box?   It looks very cool but
Audi wants $800.  Seems a little steep for basically an MP3 box.




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