[Biturbos4] Have I just joined the BTC*?

Brad R mrtwr at early.com
Fri Jan 23 21:44:59 EST 2004

* BTC = Blown Turbo Club

Coming home from work today, as soon as I left the lot from work, I noticed
my car was spewing a ton of smoke out the tailpipe.  Definitely not normal
amounts.  It continued for about the first 20 minutes of the 25 minute ride
home.  It was definitely down on power and stumbled a bit up some of the
hills.  The last five minutes the smoke stopped and power returned.  I
smelled the scent of oil and noticed cars keeping their distance behind me.

I checked the oil.  It is down real low.  Only the little bump on the very
bottom of the dipstick is picking any up.  The weird thing was that there
was a bit of oil that looked like it just came out of the filler cap and had
dripped down the block there.  Almost like the oil pressure was high enough
to force it back out through there.   Check engine light never came on.

My initial thoughts are blown turbo.  Anyone care offer another opinion
based on the facts?  Any thoughts on why power would return for after 20
minutes?  Possibly something warmed up enough to seal off the leak.  It was
cold today (only about 15°F), so it could have taken that long to heat up.

I've got an appointment for Wednesday at Knopf in Allentown.  Thankfully I
am still under the Audi Assured warranty.  I'm debating on risking driving
it down there versus having it towed.  It is about a 15 minute drive.  If I
do drive, I'll definitely top it off with dino juice and probably stop to
top it off again along the way.

One good piece of news.  While looking around under the hood, I found a
screwdriver that Bernhards must have dropped while they were doing the 60k a
few weeks ago.

I guess I get to spend the next week or so driving the parents' old 87

2000 S4

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