[Biturbos4] S4 owner info

Carlos R. Quiros Caro cqcaro at racsa.co.cr
Mon Jan 26 02:26:21 EST 2004

Hi guys!!!
I wrecked my Audi S4 couple of weeks ago. 
In my country I can't get NONE parts for my Audi because the dealer do not sell Audi S4, in fact there are only two S4 and one of them is mine.
I hit it on the front left wheel, so it destroy all of the suspension, brakes and some body parts. Could you please give me info about where can I get S4 parts. It doesn't matters if it used or new parts, just please let me know.
I'm gonna give to you guys all the Car info, anything beside you need just write to me.
Car Info:
-Audi S4, biturbo 2.7L, year 1999 from German.
Thank you very much.
Carlos Quiros, Pharm. D.
cqcaro at racsa.co.cr

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