[Biturbos4] Looks like I have joined the Blown Turbo Club.

Brad R mrtwr at early.com
Wed Jan 28 18:02:00 EST 2004

Well, I got the bad news today, which confirmed my suspicions.  One of the
turbos is spitting oil.  The dealership will be replacing both, as well as
the timing chain cam cover gasket (?).  Thank you Audi-Assured warranty!
I'm only at 65k, but I don't know just how the car was treated for the first
52k.  I treat it well (frequent oil changes, careful warm up and cooldown),
lotta good it does me.  Perhaps I will have to change my tune about the
reliability of these cars.  And maybe I will look for off lease 4.2L S4 when
the warranty is up on this in about a year.  Tis a shame.

Hopefully the dealer fix it right the first time.

Thanks for listening!


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