[Biturbos4] Unfortunately, I now belong to the turbo failure club also, need advice!

Michael Benno mbenno at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 30 09:01:06 EST 2004

The emissions warranty is pretty specific and I don't suspect the turbo's are covered. You may want to check with the AOA assured lease return warranty and MN Lemon laws given that you had just purchased it.
Also have the dealer pull the warranty service on the car and see it the turbos were previously replaced, if so that service itself may have had a warranty.
The Bentley does call for the removal of the motor for turbo replacement. 
Either way you go, we all would strongly recommend going for the K04 (RS4) turbos. The are only marginally more expensive and will outlast the new K03's.
Good luck and I hope my car does not follow the same, albeit, inevitable path
Mike Benno
2000 A6q2.7t6spd (78k)

be_larson at access-4-free.com wrote:
Hello, I am hoping this list can help me with some advice
regarding a problem with my car.

2001 a6 2.7tq, 6 speed sport package, build date 10/2000. 
65k miles, never chipped. Bought 2 months ago at 62k, was
previously a AOA lease car. BTW, I am in Twin Cities MN.

Yesterday night, after a 5 minute warm up (-15 degrees F),
on a 15 minute drive home, it started smoking excessively
out the tailpipes, oil smell, not coolant. It went through
approx 1 quart in 15 miles! I have not dug into the car,
but I am pretty sure I lost a turbo oil seal, no funny
noises were heard, just lots of smoke. 

I have some questions for you guys, and I hope you do not
mind giving me advice even though this is not a S4 (same
drivetrain and brakes though).

Has anyone gotten an Audi dealer to cover turbo replacement
under an emissions warranty, or goodwill at 60-70k miles? 
Are there upgrades I should do if I end up fixing this
myself, ie new oil lines and such? 
Do I need to pull the motor to put a turbo in this car, I
have access to a hoist so I can get pretty good access from

I look forward to hearing any advice you might have about
this issue.
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