[Biturbos4] Unfortunately, I now belong to the turbo failure club also, need advice!

mrdezign at netscape.net mrdezign at netscape.net
Fri Jan 30 11:31:28 EST 2004


Carousel in the Twin Cities has been very responsive to any service/warranty issues I've had with my '01 S4 since I purchased it there. Not only are they receptive but they actually appear to know what they are doing. Go figure..a dealer with a grip. Anderson Motorsports is another good resource in the Twin Cities. Good luck sorting this out and keep me posted. I can't fix it for you but I've had enough contact with the local Audi community to help you track down someone who can.

"the karmann"

be_larson at access-4-free.com wrote:

Has anyone gotten an Audi dealer to cover turbo replacement
under an emissions warranty, or goodwill at 60-70k miles?  

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