[Biturbos4] RE: turbo replacement (no engine removal)

Richard Ness richard at nessnet.com
Sat Jan 31 00:11:42 EST 2004

They did a very good job, so I am inclined to believe that it was skill, not 'skimping'.
Done by Gunter. Old school Porsche/Audi mechanic. Knew what he was doing.
Now, how many of these 'engine removals' were actually done from below?????
Richard Ness
j y [jimnetpa at yahoo.com] wrote:
well...most postings about 2.7t turbo replacements that I've read here and on AudiWorld have stated "that the dealers REMOVED the
complete engine from the car"...including mine. So, maybe your dealer knows something about 2.7t turbo replacements that other Audi
dealers in N.America don't, or maybe they skimped and took a short-cut, and you were lucky - it appears that they didn't F**k
anything up.

Richard Ness <richard at nessnet.com> wrote:
When the dealer replaced mine, it was done from below.
They didn't remove the engine.

Richard Ness


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