[Biturbos4] Shaky start

mrdezign at netscape.net mrdezign at netscape.net
Wed Jul 7 15:39:59 EDT 2004

You may have an injector that is worn or sticking, allowing fuel to leak past what should be an inpermeable seal when the engine is at rest. This may be hard to diagnose without testing each injector individually and probably won't throw a code because it is ocurring after shut down.

Don't take this to the bank 'cause I'm not a qualified tech but I had similar symptoms on a Subaru and a worn injector was the cause.

the karmann.

 "Kyle Owen" <krowen89 at hotmail.com> wrote:

>I've had it happen once or twice when mine has sat for a week or more (it 
>does not always happen after sitting, however.) Feels like the car is idling 
>on 5 cylinders (which would be fine if it were a urS4!)  I had the dealer 
>"look" at it and they found no codes or other evidence of a problem...
>>From: Quincy Chiang <b5quattro at shaw.ca>
>>To: Biturbos4 at audifans.com
>>Subject: [Biturbos4] Shaky start
>>Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 18:09:52 -0600
>>Hi all,
>>I haven't driven the S4 for over a week, when I started her up today, the 
>>engine was shaking pretty badly for a while, it eventually smoothed out 
>>after a minute, when the idle speed dropped down to normal from 1200rpm.  
>>I'm guessing there's residual fuel inside the cylinders causing the engine 
>>to run very rich for the first little while, or is it something else?  
>>Anyone had this happened before, should I be concerned?  Thanks!
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