[Biturbos4] Good Western Mass. Mechanic/Dealer

Aurangzeb M. Agha ama-list at mltp.com
Mon Jul 19 21:46:56 EDT 2004

After visiting Father's and Son's (F&S) Audi in Western Mass. for a 2nd
time, I'm completely fed up and sick of their service.  I feel I'm being
taken for a ride: there's definitely problems with my car which haven't
existed for the last 40K+ miles, and all the bizarre sounds I'm hearing
aren't "normal", as they suggest.  After 40K+ miles, you'd think I'd know
the sounds my car should be making.

Here are my issues:

#1.  Often, regardless of weather conditions, when I'm slowing down from a
slow cruise, ~20mph, I hear my breaks squeak.  This never happened before.
I asked them to check the breaks, and F&S says they're at 30%.  I had
taken my car to a different mechanic to get new tires put on right after
the winter--I'd asked them to look at the brakes, and at the time, they
said I was at under 20%.

#2.  At a stand-still, if I turn and hold the wheel at a 1/4 turn and then
slowly release the clutch, while very slightly accelerating, I hear a loud
squeaking sound, as if I'd cranked the wheel as far as I could turn it,
and the wheel couldn't turn any more.

#3.  When I DO turn the wheel as far as I can turn it, the car makes a
loud sound.  For some reason, I don't remember noticing this--or at least
noticing this as loud as it seems.  Is that normal for other S4 owners?

Here's the catch.  I'm stuck out in Northampton, in Western Mass.  F&S
seems to be the only dealer near me.  Anyone have any suggestions on what
I can do, and where I can take my car to an honest and reliable mechanic
in the area?



'01 Silver S4

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