[Biturbos4] driving without working MAF

David Kavanagh audiguy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 07:43:29 EDT 2004

Thanks for all of the replies. Here is some more data (for the
curious). Back in April, it had a CEL. I got the VAG-COM printout from
the independent dealer I was working with and it showed a fuel trim
adjustment was made and some lean indications. Right away I suspected
the MAF, but they cleared the codes and said, let us know if it comes
back. Well, 3 weeks ago, it came on again, but I couldn't get into the
shop until the following Monday, and by then the CEL was out. I had
them hook it up anyway and they said there weren't any codes.
I got my own VAG-COM a week ago and hooked it up right away. I saw
some codes, 1 about a lean condition and several misfire codes. I ran
a 2nd gear acceleration test 2 days ago with the VAG-COM logging RPM,
MAF output, engine load and ignition timing (block 003 for those with
the tool). It showed a low MAF output signal. So, I think it has been
failing slowly over time and the ECU has been correcting by adjusting
the fuel trim settings. I'll have to hook up and look at those to see
how far away from zero they are. (though, it its normal for them to be
Without a related code, the dealer (and Audi) won't replace it under
the extended warranty for that part. I'm not terribly interested in
replacing it out of pocket. Given how it is failing, I think I'll just
take my chances (and bring my VAG-COM along). I have the phone # for
the Audi dealership in Ottawa (where we are going) and I'll hope for
the best.


'00 A6 biturbo 6-speed

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