[Biturbos4] Navigation Group Split - update 6/2/2004

Yu-tai Chung yxc165 at psu.edu
Wed Jun 2 09:44:28 EDT 2004




I forgot to include how much the total was: The Navigation CD bundle cost
$319.00 and they require 2nd day shipping so it brought the total to

I will receive them by Thursday and try them out to see if they do indeed
work in the 2000 A6 with Navigation "C".  Last time they sent me the "D"
version.  Also I will just divide the total cost by the number of CD in the
bundle and depending on what type of shipping the people want, I will add it
accordingly.  I am not doing this to make profit, I just hope everyone can
get what they need and not pay the $300+ dollars.  


Some of the people have already contacted me; I will reply once the cds are
in and tested.  Then I will start making payment and shipping arrangements. 


Hopefully I can start shipping them out on Friday.June 4th.









Greetings Everyone,


I am happy to announce they have finally shipped my Navigation "C" Bundle
CDs 2004 edition.  


They are going to ship it 2nd day and it will be arriving Thursday, June

I know it has been a long time since we discussed splitting the bundle. 

If you would like to buy the complete bundle yourself, you need to call the
distribution center at: 

1-888-628-6277 - distribution - (I spoke to the only person named Gary)


But here are the people I have listed waiting. 

Please let me know if you are still interested in splitting the bundle, if
not, no big deal, maybe other people will want to join in.

I apologist for the long wait, I also asked the distribution if this is the
most current, Gary said they wont' come out with another one till June/July
of 2005. 



(1st) = requested first

(2nd) = In line to get the cd, if the 1st person decides to backout.


                                      Map 1 - (1st) Sarina (2nd) Rich

                                      Map 2 - (1st) Sarina (2nd) Rich (3rd)

                                      Map 3 - (1st) Robert.S

                                      Map 4 -

                                      Map 5 - (1st ) David Blekhman

                                      Map 6 - (1st) Yu-tai

                                      Map 7 - (1st) Aurangzeb / (2) Al Adler

                                      Map 8 - (1st) Yu-tai

                                      Map 9 - (1st) Al Adler

                                      Map 10 - (1st) Sarina (2nd) Rich




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