[Biturbos4] Bi-turbo newbie upgrades?

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 5 09:37:57 EDT 2004

>-- "Dale at TheMcCormacks.org" <Dale at TheMcCormacks.org> wrote:
>  I'm planning to acquire an 01 6-speed Allroad later this year so am 
> "listening" for topics of interest.  In particular, any  cuddos or 
> brickbats about available chips would be helpful.

Hello Dale and welcome.

As far as chips, I only have personal experience with the MTM stage 1 chip ...
but *what* an experience!  I am treated to boost from 1800 rpm or so .. first
gear is practically useless!  I like to think of my car as a "decision maker"
... in my daily commute I am often faced with persons who enjoy cruising in the
passing lane, forcing a right-side pass.  This apparently aggressive maneuver
is too frequently met with the other driver accelerating to prevent my pass. 
Heh heh ... not to be so!  No shifting required, just firm downward pressure on
the gas pedal and "bye-bye", decision made.

My gas mileage is in the mid-20's consistently, even with frequent
"fun-driving" up and down the mountain I live on.  I've heard (but not
confirmed) that the MTM chip will somehow adapt to differing octane levels ...
nice when we experience different fuel composition at different times of year
and/or buy different grades.  I have an occasional misfire (not just
"intermittent", as I clear my codes and don't get anything new for *months*)
code during 'winter fuel' months that I don't get at 87 octane.  My 'usual' is
91 octane.

The seat-of-the-pants power curve seems to flatten about 5000-5500 rpm.  Being
pinned to the seat lessens about that time.

I have not reached top speed yet, but I enjoy 55mph to 100+mph in moments.
Third gear can almost reach 100mph alone.

Using a VAG-COM to collect data, I found that boost stays below 2.0 bar, but
peaks around 1.8 bar.  On steady pulls to WOT, the boost rises rapidly to the
peak and then *slowly* tapers as rpm rise ... settling around 1.6 bar at

I have had no problems with failed turbos and am at 58k miles.  I bought the
car at 35k and the chip installed (I *still* don't know what stock feels
like!).  I do have some oil "seepage" around the turbos ... but according to
most shops I've asked, I have less than most at this mileage. My build date
puts me into the re-designed oil inlet age (mid MY 2001, Audi changed some
things about the 2.7t .. at least in the S4 sedan).

As far as other mods, I don't know what the Allroad rides/corners like, but I
disliked the ploughing effect of the body roll on moderate to tight corners at
speed.  I added a Neuspeed 19mm rear sway bar set on maximum stiffness and
body-roll is basically a non-issue now (highway ride quality seems unaffected,
rough road ride is definitely harsher).  Many people like to replace the
springs/shocks and lower the car as well.

After a couple of days at the track, I think I'd like to replace my brake
rotors and maybe calipers too as fade was quite apparent.  I also think some
additional overall cooling would be nice (oil temps exceeding 250F, coolant
temps increasing too).

I've also read about using the 710 diverter valve in lieu of the stock ones. 
Search the archives for a part number.

HTH ... enjoy your ride,

Single Malt
'01.5 S4
Garaged at 9200ft
just outside Denver, CO

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