[Biturbos4] Smoke? Backfire? WTF?

Adam Schwartz adam.schwartz at rcn.com
Wed Jun 9 23:12:11 EDT 2004

Hey all,
I wanted to run some problems by the group and see if anyone has any 

My car is a 2000 S4 - Chipped with APR 93 program. Car has 72K miles....


The car was at a body shop for about 5 days getting the rear bumper 
repainted, and a good detail. (looks pretty good!!) I noted the miles 
of the car to see if they drove it. The car had 1 tenth of a mile on 
it - so there is no foul play. And I have not had any problems before 

A friend was driving my S4 as we left - with me behind it... as soon 
as we got going smoke started pouring out of the tail pipe!! Lots of 
it. Nothing when the car was at idle in the parking lot. the smoke 
was kinda grey in color and smelled like oil. It lasted for about 3 
miles of 40mph driving. Latter when I checked the oil level it seemed 
fine. And the car seemed like it was driving fine too.

2 days passed of not driving the car....

When I started it. Crank, crank - half start - POP.

It sounded like a backfire out the intake..

Next attempt to start the car it started just fine, and ran just 
fine. I dont have a VAG - and I am not sure I want to bring it for 
this just yet.

Any ideas? Thoughts?

Hope my car isnt about to die...



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