[Biturbos4] 2.7T or V8?

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 29 02:32:38 EDT 2004

Hi Rodney,

I love the wide-body look of the 4.2 better than the standard A6, and the V8 is sweet, powerful and sounds great.  However I don't like the lack of manual transmission, so I'd get the 2.7t instead, which is actually faster with stick.  It really is a preference thing, I'm just not ready to give up shifting yet.

Not sure when the 2.7t in A6's were updated.  For S4's it was '01.5, when they had revised oil return lines and few other improvements.  The K03's are a known weak link for the 2.7t, and if you chip it, be prepare to replace the turbos at some point down the road.  But then there're many folks with chips and tons of miles on their car with no problems what so ever, so it's up to you being lucky and pick out a good car.


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Date: Monday, June 28, 2004 3:47 pm
Subject: [Biturbos4] 2.7T or V8?

> Hello All!
> I've been on this list for quite a while now (since back when it 
> was at 
> "coimbra") and am working on my 6th Audi.  I know this is mainly 
> an S4 forum 
> but I really need a little help though.  I'm vacillating between 
> an A6 2.7T 
> 6sp and an A6 4.2 (Tip of course).
> 1.  Any recommendations, based on anything?
> 2.  I'm used to the old 5000/200TQ with the "bulletproof" turbos, 
> so I'm 
> REALLY concerned about the K03 turbo failures so many on this list 
> seem to 
> have in the S4.  Is that a concern in the A6?  And if so, when 
> were 
> improvements made if any?
> I plan to chip it after the warranty runs out.
> 3.  Is there a huge difference in performance between a 2.7T 6sp 
> and a 2.7T 
> Tip?
> I've driven both and though the 2.7T (which was a Tip) is more 
> affordable, 
> the 4.2 just does what it does so effortlessly!  (And it sounds 
> wonderful!)  
> Thanks in advance!!!
> Rodney
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