[Biturbos4] 2.7T or V8?

David Kavanagh audiguy at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 09:42:10 EDT 2004

My '00 A6 2.7t has been just great! When you launch right, the power
is just outstanding! I have the 6-speed and think the gears a little
closely spaced, but really didn't want a tip.
Anyway, I like it so much, I'm looking for an allroad with 6-speed to
round out the stable.
>From what I hear, if you do regular oil changes with a good synthetic
and make sure you look after any intake leaks pronto, the turbos will
be fine. (at least that's what I keep telling myself!)


On Mon, 28 Jun 2004 21:47:42 +0000, *~~Ebony's Husband~~* Broussard
<rodneybroussard at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hello All!
> I've been on this list for quite a while now (since back when it was at
> "coimbra") and am working on my 6th Audi.  I know this is mainly an S4 forum
> but I really need a little help though.  I'm vacillating between an A6 2.7T
> 6sp and an A6 4.2 (Tip of course).
> 1.  Any recommendations, based on anything?
> 2.  I'm used to the old 5000/200TQ with the "bulletproof" turbos, so I'm
> REALLY concerned about the K03 turbo failures so many on this list seem to
> have in the S4.  Is that a concern in the A6?  And if so, when were
> improvements made if any?
> I plan to chip it after the warranty runs out.
> 3.  Is there a huge difference in performance between a 2.7T 6sp and a 2.7T
> Tip?
> I've driven both and though the 2.7T (which was a Tip) is more affordable,
> the 4.2 just does what it does so effortlessly!  (And it sounds wonderful!)
> Thanks in advance!!!
> Rodney
> 85  5000S Turbo (Blue/Purple)
> 87  5000CS Turbo Quattro (Gray)
> 87.5   5000CS Turbo Quattro (Pearl White w/Alcantara in '87!!!!)
> 90  100S (red)
> 98  A6 2.8 Quarttro (silver)
> 200? A6  XXX  Quattro (help me decide)
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'00 A6 biturbo 6-speed

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