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"Wrong" is relative - a lot of racers drive left foot=brake, right foot=gas. 

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>My	E36-M3Sedan
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>Asgreed.  Learning to drive in an auto is fine, but it's easy to drive 
>wrong in an auto (using the left foot for braking comes to mind) which 
>isn't an issue with a stick.  Also, if your kid needs to drive his/her 
>drunk friend home in a 5 speed it's important that he/she can drive it and 
>not give up the keys to the drunk friend.  Just one possible thing to think 
>Mike (single dad) Kuriger
>6 year old daughter
>4 year old daughter
>David Lau wrote:
>>I taught all 3 of my kids to drive a manual first, but not on the S4. Used
>>an '87 F-150 with a big old 4-speed stick 2' long from the floor and a
>>forgiving clutch. All 3 of 'em have turned into enthusiast car guys/chicks
>>who now relish a manual. The most satisfying time(s) were when my daughter
>>had to teach several of her boyfriends how to drive a stick!
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