[Biturbos4] Lock car with engine running?

Power, Sean Austin (UMKC-Student) sap187 at umkc.edu
Tue Mar 2 22:49:17 EST 2004

Has anyone figured out a way to lock an Audi with the engine running?  


You are probably wondering why someone would ask such an asinine question.  Here's why:


Generally, in the morning, I like to let the car warm up for 15-20 minutes before driving it.  I am concerned an enterprising, yet scheming, passerby might notice the opportunity and hop in and take off.  Believe it or not, this recently happened to a friend of mine that lives relatively nearby - one minute eating breakfast and the next, nothing but footprints and tire tracks in the snow where his car was.


On my previous car, I could do this by using the remote entry key to lock the door once outside.  When warming up my S4, I use the valet key to start  the car and find that the keyless entry does not function once started (neither does the button-activated automatic door lock). I have the sneaking suspicion that I am overlooking some extremely simple method to accomplish this, but have yet to find it.  
2001.5 S4

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