[Biturbos4] BMW becoming the 'ultimate poser machine'

Michael Kuriger michael at isuzu-mods.com
Wed Mar 3 17:26:28 EST 2004

I know what you all mean, but at least in L.A. we have too many cars so 
we have 6 lanes just to support the massive flow.  not much room for a 
"fast" lane :-(


John M. Harrison wrote:

>Agreed.  Americans are increasingly cruisers in oversized truck-like
>land barges not interested in driving.  Blocking behavior in the left
>(formerly "fast") lane is epidemic.  I'm driving to Arizona next week
>and will stay off the interstates and on the less traveled 2-lanes
>through less populated areas as much as possible.  Of course the dearth
>of over-the-road truckers is using this same tactic increasingly as
>well.  Still, I hope to enjoy some driving through the Colorado Rockies
>and sight seeing - Grand Canyon, etc. on my way to Tempe for a
>conference.  Cheers and happy and safe motoring to my fellow S4 fans.
>John M. Harrison  johnmh at uwyo.edu
>2001 S4 Avant
>Laramie, Wyoming  82071
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>I have to say, driving most anywhere in Europe (save Greece) is a blast.
>In general, people are a lot more curteous.  People actually get in the
>"passing lane"/fast lane, only to pass, and then move asside so anyone
>going faster can over take them.
>Here in the US, it seems as if people think driving in the fast lane is
>where the slow cars should be.  Sadly, I find myself in the "slow lane"
>(right lane) passing up lines of traffic!
>	Zeb
>'01 Silver S4
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>:Message-ID: <003901c4008c$fa4e6680$3c00a8c0 at none> :Content-Type:
>text/plain;  charset="iso-8859-1" : :Ahhh yes... what it must be like to
>live in a country where driving is an :earned privilage, not a right.
>Where drivers education actually -teaches- :you something, and where the
>skills necessary to drive aren't always :found :in the person applying
>them. Where tests do fail you and where you :are :responsible for your
>actions. : ::I hate our drivers education system. I hate it because it's
>been watered :down so badly that it caters to the stupidest, most unable
>to drive :individual on the road. Because driving is a right... : :-
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